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Underwater geophysical complex

UGC is the set of geophysical and hydro-physical measurement instrumentation modules joined into single construction. It is oriented on basic and applied research in the bottom layer of World Ocean:

- Analysis of geophysical fields and marine environment in tectonic fault areas in ocean bottom layer and exploration of their interaction

- Real-time seismic and hydrodynamic monitoring of World Ocean areas and seismic / ecological consequences forecasting

- General modeling of seismic and ecological state of World Ocean areas and component analysis with information storage and summarizing

- Revealing of seismic, rock deformational, hydro-physical precursors of catastrophic earthquakes with sources under the ocean bottom; long-time and medium-time earthquake forecasting with magnitude 5,5 and higher; earthquake and tsunami early alarm

- Monitoring of changes in stress-deformation state of the Earth's crust in shelf areas near oil-field and gas-field under development. Proposition of environment-safety production regime for deposit fields; geophysical monitoring of complex waterside structures

- Forecasting of Earth's crust deformation development and induced seismicity

- Forecasting of small local earthquakes which are dangerous for underwater oil wells, oil platforms and underwater pipelines


Underwater geophysical complex



1. Hydrophysical unit (HPU, current velocity meter unit and conductivity & temperature meter)

2. Carryng platform

3. Bottom seismometer (BS) with spatial orientation meter (SOM) 4.

4. Magnetic field meter (MFM) with control unit

5. Cable data link modem (CDLM)

6. Control and recording units CRU1& CRU2

7. Equipment for hydroacoustic telemetry system (HTS)

8. Reserve power supply (RPS)

9. Hydroacoustic transmitter

10. Noise protection cover

Bottom seismometer

Bottom seismometer


Horizontal Seismic sensor S-5VH

Horizontal Seismic sensor S-5VH

Structure of Bottom seismometer:

Spatial orientation sensor

Housing with horizontal velocity meter S-5VH (N-S)

Housing with horizontal velocity meter S-5VH (E-W)

Housing with vertical velocity meter S-5V(Z)) and vertical accelerometer S-5(Z)

Housing with 3D seismic acoustic sensor, type 1632

   Frequency range - 0,2 400 Hz


Frequency range SM-5V - 0,03 40 Hz SM-5A - 0,03 20 Hz

Dynamic range SM-5V- 120 dB SM-5A- 80 dB

Transforming coefficient 200 5% V*s/

Max amplitude of registered signal SM-5V 0,06 m/s

Power supply 12 V

Power consumption 0,21 W


Horizontal Seismic sensor S-5VH

Operating frequency range 0,02 - 40 Hz

Transformation coefficient 200 5% V*s/m

Maximal amplitude of transformed velocity 0,06 m/s

Dynamic range 120 dB

Power supply + 15 V

Power consumption 0,21 W

Overall dimensions 88x80x60 mm

Weight 1.2 kg


3D Flux-gate magnetometer LEMI

3D Flux-gate magnetometer LEMI

3D Flux-gate magnetometer LEMI

Range 60 000 nT

Frequency range 0 - 0,3 Hz

Sensitivity 0,01 nT

Working temperature range -30 ...+40

Power supply +5 V

Power consumption 0,5 W

Interface RS232





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