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Infrasonic Geophysical Location of Anomalies - IGLA technology


It is a technology of direct indication of mineral deposits, including fluid saturated beds.

 IGLA technology is an acoustic method based on allocation of anomalies in the spectrum of the Depth Infrasonic Microseismic Wave Field (DIMWF) in the area of a prospective deposit. Using the saved experience, last development in hardware and essentially other procedure of measurements and processing, "IGLA", allows to estimate depth (up to 10 km, error 10-20 %) and thickness of the deposit. The method is applied as for the dot measurements, for example at distinguishing of structures revealed by a classical seismic, and for profile and area measurements, with the purpose of revealing anomalies and subsequent estimation of their depth.


Main idea: a allocation of anomalies in the spectrum of the depth infrasonic microseismic wave field detected in the area above prospective deposit.


Main advantage: using of Earth natural seismicity and lack of necessity of artificial seismic signal sources (vibrator), that expands usability of the method to shelf and hard access areas. IGLA is less expensive and more ecologically compatible than traditional methods. Equipment: seismometers SM-3, SM-5, SM-6, Autonomous recorder of seismic signals (ARSS), Autonomous Bottom Seismic Station (ABSS).



>> Preliminary testing and  calibration >> Field equipment  >>
Preliminary reconnaissance Preliminary testing and calibration Field equipment
All seasons field works  >>     Processing and  analasing field data, outlining anomalies.  >>      Recomendations for drilling.  >>  

All seasons field works

Processing and  analasing field data, outlining anomalies. Recomendations for drilling.

  Drilling well


The experience of use is based on forecast and test works of petroleum and gas prospec- ting by IGLA technologies without definition of depths and thickness of layers.The tests of IGLA technologies were carried out on many oil and gas deposits in the different regi- ons of the world (~ 1000 sq. km). These measurements have confirmed high efficiency the technology in prospecting of petroleum and gas deposits (Not less than 95 %. From 25 forecasts for drilling only 1 was unsatisfactory).


Application experience: joint works with the companies - Geotone", Tatneft" (Tatarstan), "Krasnoleninskneftegas" (Russia), "Bukros" and "Plast" (Ukraine), ONAREP" (Morocco),  "AGIP" (Italy), "TYP" (Jordan), "Tihgsa" (Spain), "Egelados" (Greece) on oil, gas and water  deposits detection.



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