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Autonomous  Hydroacoustic Transponder Release: "AHAR-MP", "AHAR-EC"

Hydroacoustic transponder releases of AHAR-series are very reliable devices, they are in use for uncoupling different underwater equipment from anchor. Releases are necessary components for mooring buoy stations and any other pop up equipment. Compact, portable device is easy -to-use and is ready for many applications.


Spesification                                                HAR-EC                   AHAR-MP

Operating depth, m, up to                                500                            6000

Slant operating range of hydroacoustic

communication, m, not less                          1000                           8000

Operating frequency range, kHz                16,0 - 19,0                   8,0-12,5

Number of independent channels of

hydroacoustic control (number of

hydroacoustic releases)                                    120                             120

Power supply, V                                                     6                                9-12

Operating time, months, up to                            6                                  12

Maximum load, kg                                                50                               2000

Dimensions, mm                                          D70xH165                D130xH500


              -  in air, kg                                                  2                                     8

              -  in water, kg                                             1                                     6


The set includes:

- shipboard electronic unit for transceiving command signals via hydroacoustic channel and for data processing release reply signals from each release and displaying information of slant range;

- shipboard transceiving hydroacoustic antenna;

- set of releases for underwater equipment operating through the hydroacoustic channel or operating from autonomous timer.




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